How to Play FIFA 20 on Mac

You Need two things to play FIFA on MAC: A FIFA 20 or FIFA 19 game code for PC and Windows Installed on MAC.

AS of August 2019 its now even easier to play FIFA on Mac using Parallels due to the introduction of DirectX 11 support in Parallels 15.

Apart from Windows, you will also need a FIFA20 Game or FIFA 19 from Here.

This tutorial on how to install FIFA on Mac is easy , safe legal and allow you to play FIFA 20 online against friends.

Before you start, you will need to make sure you have an intel Mac or Macbook that’s no more than 3-4 years old with at least 8GB of RAM for FIFA 20.

FIFA20 will not launch on your Mac unless you have at least 8GB of RAM so its not even worth following this tutorial and installing it if you dont.

FIFA 20 requires a whopping 0 GB of hard drive space so that means you will at least 76GB of space to install both Windows and FIFA 19 on your Mac.

If you have got all this in place, you are now ready to install the latest version if FIFA on your Mac.

1- First you need to install Windows on your Mac. By far the easiest way to do this is with Parallels which makes it extremely simple and convenient to switch between macOS and Window at any moment.

2- You can also install Windows using Boot Camp although this only allows you to run your Mac in macOS or Windows at one time- you have to reboot to switch between the two.

3- Whichever method you choose, the great thing is that Windows 10 is now free to install on a MAC so it won’t cost you a cent. Microsoft no longer requires users to activate it unless they want to customize the look of windows10.

4- When you have done that. check that DirectX 11 is installed in Windows.

5- Once Windows and DirectX are installed on your Mac, the process for installing FIFA is exactly the same as if you were using a PC.

6- Before you try to launch FIFA 20 on your Mac, you need to make sure that parallels can access your Mac’s graphics card. To do this, ensure that ‘Automatic graphics switching’ is activated in the Virtual Machine Configuration Windows under HARDWARE>GRAPHICS>ADVANCE SETTINGS. It should be noted however that its macOS rather than parallels that decides whether you can switch or not when playing games.

And that’s it, you are now ready to launch and play FIFA20 on your Mac!

Once Origin has downloaded and installed FIFA, you can play it on Mac just as if you were playing on a PC, including Online against friends.

You will also get updated to teams and squads throughout the season just as if you were playing FIFA on PC.



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