Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 V-Bucks , Vault Locations Guide Download

Welcome to website , Today we will share one of the most demanded Guide for Fortnite for Season 1, Season 2, through this guide you will learn legit way of get unlimited V-bucks , should you be shadow or ghost, how to crack THE VAULTS, Sneak past THE HENCHMEN and all spies on SEASON 2.

So Don’t Be Fooled By Any Free V-Bucks Generator which never Work,

We have seen a slew of folks looking for the best free V Bucks Generator that actually works. But before you utilize any of these tools, here’s the truth you should know.

When a game starts to make waves, it allures the disingenuous people lurking round the web and they’d stop at nothing to cash in on what’s already popular. This is the case with Fortnite, a free-to-play battle royale game that has “amassed” over 250 million players worldwide. From fake YouTube videos with millions of views to nearly 1,000 free V Bucks generator sites, online scammers have already gotten out of control.

Fortnite’s main charisma is probably due to the fact that it is free to download and play, but the “real” fun (according to some players) lies mostly in using V-Bucks (I.e the in-game currency) to purchase stuff such as battle passes, skins, emotes and more. Whilst Fortnite can be played forever without having to spend a dime on V-Bucks, some players looking to customize their characters with different outfits often Google search for Free V Bucks or tools that can help them generate unlimited V-Bucks.

This is where free V-Bucks generators comes in to play. They are deceptive tools created by scammers to prey on innocent Fortnite players looking for free, fast and easy V-Bucks. So in essence, these sites are there solely to feed on human greed. One such thing that baffles me is the time, efforts and professionalism that went into some of these bogus free V-Bucks generators.

The scammers behind it often go extra miles to design the sites with lot of skills and this is in a bit to make it look legitimate. From “awesome” user experience to recent activities widget and comments, you’d really find it hard to believe it’s all fake. In a bit to “combat” and possibly thwart players from using the so-called free V-Bucks generators, Epic released an official statement on their Discord and it read thus;

The “free V-Bucks generator” websites are fake and will not give you any v-bucks. These websites is not an Epic Games website. There’s currently no way to get free v-bucks other than within Save the World and the battle pass within Battle Royale. Please do not be fooled by these websites! Stay safe.

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