Doom VFR Pre-order Available Download

Doom VFR Pre-order Available Download

Now called Doom VFR, the virtual reality-take on Id’s shooter seems to not be the full game, but rather a series of activities set throughout the action-horror world. The footage of Doom VFR showcased puzzle-solving using mechanical arms, exploring a derelict space station using node-based movement, and of course, blasting a whole mess of hellish beasts away with all sorts of weapons.


Fallout 4, on the other hand, is a full version of Bethesda’s massive open-world game available in VR. It’s coming out later this year in October on HTC Vive. However, Bethesda hasn’t clarified whether Doom VFR is only coming to Vive, or whether it will also release on Oculus.

Bethesda first revealed the two VR games at E3 2016, and showed off Doom VR again at QuakeCon 2016. For every announcement from Bethesda and the rest of E3,

Doom VFR is available for preorder now, along with Fallout 4 VR.


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